About us and saffron

Who we are

The business owner Mr Mehdi Resaifar was born in Gonabad (Persia).

He grew up in the heart of Iran's biggest saffron growing area (Khorasan) and

is familiar with the precious spice since his early childhood as his parents also own several saffron fields.

In January 1987, Mehdi Resaifar came to Germany and founded his own company in 1990.

On his business trips to Iran he was asked over and over again why he doesn't offer the "world's best saffron" for sale in Germany.

After a comprehensive preparation phase he turned those words into action.

The range of products not only offers different kinds of qualities but also different types of packaging and sizes.

Business address:

Safranexperte Groß- & Einzelhandel

Inh. Mehdi Resaifar

Pfarrer-Schultes-Weg 6

89077 Ulm, Germany

Phone: 0049 / (0)731 / 31161

Fax: 0049 / (0)731 / 6022225