Why are our saffron prices so favourable in comparison to our competitors?

As we purchase directly from the producers in Iran the export and import is in our hands until it reaches its final destination. Through the use of large packaging from 1 to 25 grams, in 20 different variations, from bags to designer packaging and optimized business processes, we can offer you our high quality saffron at a fair and economical price.

What kind of saffron do we deliver?

We always provide the best Persian saffron in threads, tested according to ISO standard 3632-2 in the qualities Negin, Sargol and Pushal. We deeply regret that we can not offer you already ground saffron, as the ground saffron can easily be falsified.

How do we deliver?

We deliver by German Post DHL, GPS or any other courier service at our discretion.

How long are our delivery times?

We always have a large amount on stock, if we receive your order before 3 pm we usually arrange shipment on the same business day. Thus, delivery time is approximately 2-3 working days.

When ordering more than 500 pieces from our product range, the saffron is ready for shipment within 3 business days.

What is the shelf life of our saffron?

We buy our saffron threads immediately after harvest. Should the volume of our purchase ever prove insufficient, we will only buy more saffron from the current harvest. As saffron experts, we can quickly and accurately distinguish whether the saffron comes from the previous or the current harvest. Thus, you will always receive freshly harvested saffron, and if stored protected from light and in a dry place, the saffron will have a shelf life of at least two years.

Who is allowed to consume saffron?

Everyone is allowed to consume saffron but always in small quantities, preferably several times a week.

However, it is advisable not to use saffron during pregnancy, as this might lead to miscarriage.

Warning: By no means should you take more than 10-20 grams of saffron at once, as this could be fatal!

What kind of saffron should you not buy?

It can often be seen that tourists bring saffron from Iran. This saffron is also genuine saffron threads, but the problem is the packaging: The red print paper used for packaging has been printed in the offset printing process, using chemical ink, and naturally the dry saffron rubs on the paper and therefore absorbs the chemical colour which is not good for your health.

Why the odd numbers on the packaging of our saffron threads?

We have chosen a very old Persian unit of weight, which was always used in Persia and is still used today for valuable things like gold and saffron.

Moreover, a large part of our customers come from Persia and they only know the unit Mesghal when dealing with saffron. The conversion is as follows:

1 kg is equivalent to 217 Mesghal

and 1 Mesghal is equivalent to 4.6 grams

Therefore, our packaging are: 2.3 grams or Mesghal, 4.6 grams or 1 Mesghal, 9.2 grams or 2 Mesghal, 13.8 grams or 3 Mesghal etc., the only exception that we have made is 25 grams of saffron threads, for customers that want to buy 1 kilo or more of saffron threads.

Where does our saffron come from?

Of course, we exclusively buy our saffron in Iran, in Gonabad and Ghaen, directly from a saffron farmer.

After that our saffron is checked for chemical colour, bacteria and even pesticides in Iran, and in Germany the flavour, colour strength and bitterness is checked on the basis of the so-called ISO 3632-2.

Why do we test the saffron before importing?

We are constantly striving to provide the best saffron of the highest quality, in large packages and at a reasonable price to our customers throughout Germany, the EU and worldwide! Our customers are not only consumers; our client list also includes star restaurants, holistic health practitioners, laboratories, spice merchants, Asian supermarkets, grocery stores and resellers. All of them are convinced of our high quality.