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Chicken skewers in saffron marinade Our recipe chicken skewers in fine fragrant, oriental marinade is the perfect grill recipe for the summer. The effort is low and the result very tasty and more ...
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Chicken in carrot and plum sauce This recipe is a traditional Persian dish. The combination of sourly sweet plums in a hearty sauce is excellent. The longer cooking time makes the chicken more ...
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Saffron rice with almonds and barberries (Persian style) Barberries are small red berries, acidically fresh in taste and very healthy. The composition of a sour component together with the more ...
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Boiled potatoes with saffron This recipe is not just about normal boiled potatoes. Refined with saffron threads, they are a real treat and go very well with fish, meat and vegetables. That is more ...
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Saffron rice original recipe (Persian style) In the Persian kitchen saffron rice should not be missing as a side dish. It is usually served with every meal and is part of the Persian culture. more ...