Saffron grinder filled with 5 gram Saffron threads Sargol

Saffron grinder filled with 5 gram Saffron threads Sargol


Item number: Safranmühle-Sargol-5

Our high quality saffron grinder makes it easy for you to grind the saffron threads for your dishes for homogeneous coloring and aroma.
Size: 13.5 x 4.9 cm
Harvest: 2022-2023
EAN: 4260256211612
Contents: 5,00 g

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Saffron grinder from Safranexperte

Decorative saffron grinder with ceramic grinding mechanism, ideal for grinding fine saffron threads. It is the perfect companion in your kitchen when preparing tasty dishes. It is also an ideal gift and will delight your dear friends that it is practical, elegant and original.
Refillable saffron grinder with ceramic grinder with free rotation for different grinding/fineness. Glass base combined with removable stainless steel top with lid and adjustable ceramic grinder. The saffron grinder convinces with its simple design and original engraving on the stainless steel attachment.

Your advantages:

Why not buy a ground saffron?
Saffron is one of the most expensive and therefore one of the most counterfeit spices in the world. Saffron in powder form offers many counterfeiters a better opportunity to stretch the spice with other cheaper substances, such as lower saffron quality, turmeric or safflower. The quality of saffron can only be seen if the individual saffron threads are judged by their structure and colouring. With our saffron grinder you can be sure that only the best quality saffron is used in your dishes.

Better taste
Ground saffron loses its aroma more quickly, which is why saffron threads should be preferred in taste. The saffron grinder is ideally suited for an individual fragrant saffron aroma, as all the precious saffron threads are ground only as required.

Grinding fineness individually adjustable
The ceramic grinding mechanism of the saffron grinder can be easily and playfully adjusted to the desired fineness. No matter what you want - a fine saffron dust for your sauce or coarsely ground saffron threads for the risotto - with our saffron grinder everything is possible!

Determine the dosage
The aroma of saffron is unmistakable and is already very present in small doses. The fine grinding process gives you control over how many milligrams of saffron you add to your culinary dishes to achieve a homogeneous colour and aroma. It is also possible to grind saffron in a mortar. However, it never becomes completely powdery and is difficult to distribute manually on individual plates.

You know what you're eating!
With your own saffron grinder and the filled high-quality saffron threads you can be sure that the saffron is pure and without additives.

Our saffron grinder is an excellent choice to live more environmentally friendly. You can fill it again and again with the high-quality saffron threads.

Size: 13.5 x 4.9 cm
Harvest: 2022-2023
EAN: 4260256211612
Contents: 5,00 g

Instruction manual

When you receive the saffron grinder, it is set up at intermediate level. To grind saffron, hold the upper part of the lid (pointing downwards) in your left hand and simultaneously turn the glass base to the right.
The fineness of the grinding process can be changed manually by carefully adjusting the rotating wing by ¼ turning it to the right. This works optimally when the grinder is facing downwards with the lid on. This allows individual saffron threads to fall into the grinder.
We do not recommend using the saffron grinder while cooking, as the saffron can stick to the mill due to the steam.


For a long life of the saffron grinder the right care is necessary. Never put the grinder in the dishwasher. The glass base is suitable for the dishwasher. Do not refill the contents with the saffron threads until the glass base has completely dried.

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macinino perfetto in tutti i suoi componenti. di facile utilizzo e con possibilità di scegliere il tipo di macinatura (da grossa a finissima).
zafferano veramente molto molto buono
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