Saffron prices – what causes the differences in saffron prices?

30.05.2014 20:39

Saffron price

The prices for saffron develop more or less as the prices on the gold market.

Concerning saffron, everything is exclusively processed by hand, starting with the harvest on the field to the final product. The total yield from the correspondent growing region also plays a major role. That means, the higher the yield, the lower is the price and the lower the yield, the higher is the price. In case of adverse weather conditions, as e.g. in 2005, the domestic prices rose to 6.000 Euros per kilogram due to temperatures about -30°C. Furthermore, if there is e.g. an increased demand because of an order of several tons of saffron for China or Spain, a higher price of up to 500 Euros per kilo can be noted for this period.


Saffron prices in Germany:

Wholesaler: Since the wholesalers import their saffron in large quantities and they have a high turnover rate, they are always able to offer fresh saffron at fair prices.


Retail:  The retail trade normally also delivers good quality. As well, it is traceable where the saffron comes from and that the goods were not brought by tourists. Despite all of that, the prices for the saffron are reasonable.


Supermarket: Usually medium to good quality at a stiff price of 20,- € per gram.


Health Food Shop: Very good quality from Iran for a severe price of 30,- € per gram.

Weekly market: Great caution is needed here because of forgery as well as significant differences in quality. Prices are generally between 10,- € and 30,- €.

Internet: Usually high or best quality and due to the current right of revocation relatively forgery-proof. Prices for extraordinarily high quality with ISO standard e.g. available at our company, are  4,- € per gram.

Nevertheless, everybody is free to decide where to buy his or her saffron.

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