Cheesecake with saffron

10.05.2019 20:23

saffron Cheesecake

The best Saffron cheesecake in the world is of course a family recipe. But who wants to dare something new in terms of cheesecake, should try these recipes! saffron Cheesecake!

For the dough

300 g Wheat flour

1 teasp. Baking soda

75 g Sugar

1 Pinch Salt

200 g Butter

1 Egg

1 Vanilla pod

the rind of a lemon

For the cake filling

0.5 g Saffron

125 g Butter

200 g Sugar

5 Eggs

500 g Quark

200 g Sour Cream

200 g Whipped Cream

1 Vanilla pod

40 g Starch

the rind and juice of a lemon

Cheesecake - with - saffron


(1) For the dough, mix flour with baking soda and sieve it in a bowl. Add the other ingredients for the dough and stir it well with an electric mixer with dough hooks first at lowest, then at highest setting. Shape dough into a ball.

(2) Roll out two thirds of the dough on the bottom of a spring form pan ( 26 cm, bottom coated with baking paper, rim greased) and place the spring form ring around it. Form a roll out of the remaining dough. Put the roll as a rim around the bottom dough and press it against the spring form pan so that you get a rim of 3 cm height.

(3) For the cake filling, first beat whipped cream until it is stiff and put in the fridge. Mix butter with sugar until creamy and fold beaten egg in the mixture. Add other ingredients as well as whipped cream. Grind the saffron in a small mill. Now fold in the saffron carefully. Coat bottom evenly with the mixture. Put the spring form pan on the cake rack into the hot oven and bake the cake at low temperature.

Top / bottom heat: about 175C

Baking time: 60 90 minutes

(4) Leave the cake with slightly opened oven door for another 15 minutes in the switched off oven, in order to protect the surface from breaking. Afterwards, place cake on a cake rack and let it cool down in the spring form pan.

As you prefer, mandarins or peaches can be added to the cake filling.

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