Saffron Pancakes without egg

Everybody loves pancakes. No matter if sweet with nutella and fruit or savoury with ham and cheese or even salmon and cream cheese – there are a thousand possibilities. One of them is our pancake with saffron and without egg! Here also, any type of filling can be combined with the outstanding taste of saffron.


350 g              Wheat Flour

700 ml            Milk

3 EL                 Oil

3 Pinches      Salt

0.5 g                Saffron      





Saffron Pancakes without egg


Mix flour, milk and salt with a mixer in a large bowl until you have a smooth dough. Now fold in grinded saffron. Put oil in a hot pan and bake each side for approx. 1 – 2 minutes. Afterwards, fill pancake with sweet or savoury goodies.